Our Wish List

The Early Childhood Education Center

-Sand and water toys (buckets, scoops, rakes, shovels, sifters, molds, watering cans, boats, trucks)
-Outdoor active play items (cones, hula hoops, soft balls, toss games)
-Arts and Crafts materials (washable stamp pads, washable paint, washable dry erase markers, dry erase crayons, chubby pencils, and chubby crayons)
-Science kits (test tubes, magnifiers, safety goggles, magnetic wands, thermometers, magnets, funnels, measurement cups, and measuring spoons)
-Children’s CDs (phonics, dance, fitness, circle time, multicultural, read-along story book sets)
-Children’s Books (behavior, emotions, families, math, life cycle, seasons, insects)
-Infant to toddler bouncy seats that rock and vibrate

After School Youth Program

Arts & Craft Materials
Healthy Snacks (nuts, trail mix, individual bags of carrots, celery, etc.)
Pencils, Pens, Color Pencils, Crayons, Color Markers, Coloring Books
Volleyball Net with Ball
Baseball Bat, Balls, Gloves and Bases

The Breakfast and Food Pantry Programs

New or Used Bath Towels
Sample Sized Hygiene Supplies (shampoo, soap, razors, men’s shaving cream, feminine hygiene products )
Coffee, Sugar, and/or Creamer
Women’s and Men’s Socks (preferably new)
Men’s T-shirts/Jackets (medium or large/new or used)