Meet Lourdes

Lourdes* began the FLI Program two years ago. She was in search of an English class but she had found it difficult to place both of her children within a program because of their financial situation, and ages of the children. She wanted a place where she could attend school and have her children with her as well. She found that opportunity within the Family Literacy Program. Both of her children participated in the program, and met goals of successfully graduating from the program. Eva’s daughter went on to Kindergarten in 2011 and received certificates for learning all of her high frequency “rainbow words”. Eva states, “My daughter received a solid social and academic foundation within the program.” Eva’s son entered Kindergarten in 2012 and was prepared with Kindergarten readiness skills such as: comprehending his letters and the sounds they make, numbers, shapes, colors, and his social skills have increased as well. He is able to express himself and communicate his feeling in Spanish as well as English to his teacher, other adults, and his peers.

Lourdes has also demonstrated the abilities she has learned in our program as she has helped and supported her children academically. Eva now makes it a weekly routine to visit the library with her children, reads story books to them, and asks probing questions to promote language and literacy skills. She encourages her children’s learning in a positive manner to ensure they are reaching their full potential.

Lourdes has also volunteered to be an advocate for the FLI program and has spoken to various potential donors who have toured the agency. She states that her life has changed drastically, “when I began the program I did not understand English and did not feel confident in speaking it.” Now that Eva has had various opportunities to practice her conversational skills in public she now feels confident enough to use these skills with future endeavors. She and her husband are currently in the process of applying to become swap meet vendors in order to support the growing needs of their family.