Meet Jacob

*Individual depicted in the image is a model and used solely for illustrative purposes.

Jacob* grew up in a home with no father and an abusive mother. His troubles at home forced him onto the streets in his late teens, where he eventually succumbed to drug and alcohol addiction. For years Jacob struggled to stay sober, stay out of trouble, and find a job (he never finished high school). In the meantime Jacob pan handled at the freeway exits for money, and collected cans and bottles to recycle at the local recycling center. For food Jacob would visit local soup kitchens and rely on the kindness of random strangers. It was his search for food that eventually brought Jacob to NVCS’ Breakfast Program. Jacob started coming to the Breakfast Program on a regular basis over six years ago, each time being warmly received by the agency’s caring volunteers. With the help of information and referrals from NVCS, he decided to seek help for his addiction. It was not easy for Jacob, but determined to live a sober life, he achieved this goal.

Within a year of becoming sober, Jacob found a job collecting recycling bins from neighborhoods and local businesses. He now lives with a roommate in a 2 bedroom apartment, and has been sober over two years. Jacob says his proudest moment wasn’t getting sober or getting off the streets, it was coming back to NVCS as a volunteer. Jacob now volunteers twice a month at the Breakfast Program, the place that he credits with changing and possibly saving his life. NVCS is privileged to have him helping with the program.

*Name changed to protect privacy