Meet Peter

Peter* is a 7 year old boy who first began attending NVCS’ After School Youth Program last year, while attending first grade. Peter’s parents are both immigrants from El Salvador. His mother cannot speak, write, or read English, nor can she read or write her own Spanish language. Peter’s father’s work schedule requires him to travel for months at a time. Therefore, when Peter needs help with his school work, his parents are unable to assist.

Peter is considered an English-language learner. He came to our program speaking very little English, and was having trouble with basic reading, writing, and mathematics skills. When Peter first came to NVCS he was experiencing so much difficulty in school that his parents were contemplating having him repeat first grade.

After several months of participating in NVCS’ After School Youth Program, receiving daily homework assistance and reading practice, Peter’s grades began to improve. He is more confident speaking and expressing himself in English, his writing has become more legible, and he is now reading at grade level. As a result, Peter successfully advanced into second grade. He continues to attend NVCS’ Youth Program regularly, and uses our services to his advantage to further succeed in elementary school and social situations.

*Name changed to protect privacy.