Meet Susana

Susana* immigrated to the US six years ago from Mexico City. Having no formal education, she was unable to obtain employment in Los Angeles. Her family struggled to depend solely on her husband’s income (as a baker at Vallarta Super Market), which was not enough to pay for their living expenses. Seeing an opportunity to start her own business, approximately three years ago Susana enrolled in North Valley Caring Services’ Family, Friends, and Neighbors Program. After obtaining necessary training, she started to baby-sit for neighbors and friends. Although this income helped, it still wasn’t enough. In order to boost her income further, Susana decided to take a risk, and apply for a California Family Child Care License.

NVCS’ FFN program provided support and resources (books, toys, and arts and crafts supplies) to Susana as she worked to obtain her license. After much hard work, Susana completed all of the licensing requirements and was approved. Soon after, Susana enrolled in the Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) as a licensed provider. The Resource Center has a resource directory of local childcare providers, of which Susana is now included. As a result of this publicity, Susana enrolled five of the eight children she provides care for (the other three come from her community). The CCRC pays for the childcare she provides, since the program’s moms are working or pursuing a career, ensuring reliable pay.

Susana has been a licensed provider for two years now. She is very happy — she never thought it would be possible for her to achieve such success on her own, especially without being a resident. Her income has made a tremendous difference in her family’s budget. In fact, Susana now brings in more income than her husband!

Susana still attends NVCS’ FFN trainings and workshops every month. It was at one of these trainings that she recently learned some wonderful news — if her child care is open for five or more years, she will be able to apply for legal residence in the United Sates. This has become her main goal for the future. When Susana accomplishes this, she plans to continue her education by enrolling in a community college. After accomplishing these two goals, even more opportunities will become available to this hard working woman. NVCS is proud to have helped her throughout her journey.